Palo Alto, CA - Aug. 4 & 5, 2014


What is Peer 2.0?

Peer 2.0 is a grassroots Internet engineering industry event, hosted by the Peer 2.0 Foundation, organically developed to bring education to the next generation of network engineers, Internet architects and business leaders. This two-day event will also provide insights into the evolution of the role of network engineering, peering coordination, and emerging supportive automated systems.

The first day’s focus is an “Interconnection/Peering 101” highlighting the traditional interconnection paradigms, processes, motivations and business cases for connecting to the core of the Internet. The second day is designed to address the more advanced and evolving aspects of interconnection, with discussions and panels led by experienced industry professionals.

The overall goal of Peer 2.0 is to provide an educational experience open to all of those across the community who want to learn and help grow the community of direct connections at the core of the Internet.

Who Should Attend Peer 2.0?

Peer2.0 is an ideal event for Network Engineers, Network Architects, or Managers. Attending organizations range from Enterprises to Content Providers, Service Providers, network operators, CDNs, and Internet Exchange operators.